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Ali Hender



If you are looking at my website, you may be considering seeking some support. As a deeply caring and encouraging person, I can offer you the experience of being really listened to, helping you to move towards a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships and your needs.

Within the safety of a warm, trusting and therapeutic relationship, I will work in partnership with you to consider the issues concerning you.  Within this confidential space, I can support your uniquely personal journey of exploration, understanding, and reflection, whilst always working at your own pace.

I will respect your values and choices without judgement, encouraging you to bring all aspects of yourself to the sessions. I work in a relational, empathetic and honest manner offering humor and challenge when needed. Whether you are looking for short-term or longer-term work, our time together will be led by your needs.

I understand that making the decision to come to counselling and finding a therapist best suited to you, can be confusing, overwhelming and takes courage.  Here’s a bit about me to help you make that decision:

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